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Automatic Voter Registration in California

The California legislature recently passed AB1461, the automatic voter registration bill. If made into law, this would make it easier for Californians to register to vote by automatically registering us when we obtain or renew a drivers’ license. It will be much easier than the current process, which has extra paperwork.

With over 6 1/2 million citizens in California not yet registered AND record low turnout last year, something’s got to change. Together we’ve registered over 175K voters in California to date, but we have an opportunity to dramatically reshape elections for everyone if this bill passes.

Stand up for California voters, and ask Gov. Brown to sign AB1461 today >>

The bill is on Governor Brown’s desk, but he hasn’t signed it yet. It’s supported by Secretary of State Alex Padilla and many other elected officials across the state.

Please take a minute to ask Governor Brown to sign it now, and then share with your friends.